What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing in 2019

December 24, 2018

The best way to work money in 2019
India's future digital marketing

In today's times, the name of digital marketing is on everyone's tongue. But some of us are those who have digital marketing? There is no information about it.
So today we will teach all of you in this article what is digital marketing and how to make your future in this field.

What is digital marketing

Why digital marketing is a big deal

Career options in digital marketing

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing

How to Learn Digital Marketing

These were some questions that would keep coming to you all frequently. So let's talk about these one on one of these topics.

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the art of obtaining customers through online and digital mediums.
There are so many models in digital marketing - such as social media, search engines, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and so on. There are many other ways in which we can learn about digital marketing.
Digital marketing is much more than traditional marketing like newspaper, TV, radio and magazine ads. This is why digital marketing specialists are also at a higher level.

Why Digital Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

People used to consume TVs, newspapers, magazines, and radio.
But nowadays, people consume content through Facebook, they can search news through Facebook and they can also search for news by staying in touch with family and friends.
With YouTube's help, they can also see the news and get information about the blogs of the people. Digital Marketing This is the change point in consumer behavior.
Companies read the digital marketer's help requirement to manage advertising management, and they will pay 10% of the expense or commission on advertising expenses

India is counted as the second number to use the Internet.

We know digital marketing is a growing trend, but how can we use this track, and what are the benefits of this? Let's know: -
Digital marketing can help you with personal branding, and it also helps you to get a job, and it can also happen with entrepreneurship.
We can help other companies as supporters or employees, when we have the expertise of digital marketing.
We use the knowledge to market our business extremely important.

Digital Marketing Jobs and Opportunities in India

There are many jobs for digital marketing in India. Because digital marketing is a new area and many companies also have the need for digital marketers.
Thousands of companies are searching for experts in marketing.
There are not enough digital marketing specialists in the market.

Digital marketing job is today one of the most funded jobs in the industry.
If you go to the linkedin and search for digital marketing then you will get at least 500 to 1000 jobs in this special position.
What is the salary of digital marketing jobs?
Salaries for freshers start from Rs.4.5 lakh to 5 lakh / year.

Individuals who have five to ten years of experience have their initial income ranging from 12 to 20 lakhs / year.
Those who have experience above ten, their annual income is 20 to 50 lakh / year limit. And in rare cases, its salaries go from 80 lakh to 10 million years.

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Stock Market Investment Tips & Trick 2018

September 26, 2018

Share market Investment
Creating money by buying equity from Stock Market is not so easy as any new investor thinks. In it you have to keep a close watch on the market's stand every time, along with research and better planning.

All these tips will help you to overcome some of your difficulties and shortcomings to invest in the share market.

Keep things in mind while buying and selling shares

1. First Learn -

Should never jump in the share market without knowing anything at all. First understand the stock market then come in.

read business related news, understand business plans of companies, give yourself time to learn,learn to read balance sheet, know P / E, EPS, ROE and then invest in a Share Bazaar.

2. Long Term Investment Best

You should invest in the stock market for a long time. It is certain to be profitable. More money can be earned in intra-day trading, but there is risk in it. It can also cause you loss. Therefore, do not only long term investment.

3. Purchase the same which you know and understand

You can buy shares of any company in the stock exchange, but you should initially buy shares of the company that you know, i.e. whose products are used in daily life.

For example, the company making Maggi, Oil, Biscuit etc. will get more understanding while it takes some time to understand a company with Hardware Manufacturing, Software, Web Developing. Invest in a company whose business you understand is well understood.

4. Set fixed price

Always set a fixed price for your stock to sell shares. As you bought a stock for 1000 thousand rupees and set a target to sell it, when the price will be 1300, then we will sell it. If you buy the stock price as soon as you reach the target price, you can sell it.

5. Do not Buy Many Stocks Together

Do not buy a lot of shares of only one kind . You should buy shares of many different sector companies by doing a little bit. You can increase your share limit on a weekly or monthly basis.

6. Choose the good company

You should buy Equity of a company that is financially strong and also see how its management is. Because the company which gets financially crippled or who is worried about its management, increases the chances of the value of its stock's share.

Companies involved in the Nifty and Sensex are Best companies in their sector, you can buy their shares freely.

7. Create a Risk Profile for Portfolio

Investing in a stock exchange is a risk, so you must definitely make your own risk profile. Make sure in this way you can take a lot of risks.

Most brokers give you the option of stop loss order. It benefits from this, that as soon as the stock price starts falling, your share is automatically sold on a fixed price by your broker. With this you avoid the losses.

8. Research and Planning

Before purchasing shares of any company or before investing in share market, do research and deep planning. Keep eye on the market, look at the previous records of the company whose shares you want to buy, look at its management, look into any future political and social changes. looking the recession or the speed of the market.

9. Invest in Different Sectors

Do not put all your money in the one business. Little by little, you should put your money in a variety of companies.

If you invest your earning money in a single company, you may sometimes get more loss or more profit. It depends on the company's profit and loss.

10. Put extra money into investment

While investing, keep in mind that in addition to your savings, you should invest in the stock market.

11. P / E Ratio (Price / Earning Ratio) - What is the P / E ratio

P / E ratio i.e. how much your earnings will be. The most attention needs to be paid on this. To know the P / E ratio you must first remove EPS (Earning per Share). This removes the net profit by dividing it by the number of shares.

Suppose a company whose name is AB is 1000 shares and its net profits are 1 lakh, so in this way earning on one stock would mean that EPS is 100 rupees.

To remove P / E, divide the Market Price by EPS. For example, if the market price of a company AB is 500 rupees and EPS is 100 rupees then its P / E5 will be Rs.

12. Do not let your Emotion dominate

After fear of loss in the stock market and the increase in the stock price, it can risk you to risk lagging after the target price. So, take your time off from work, keep away from greed and fear.

13. Do not let time get out of hand

This is a kind of advice that if you ask for advice related to the stock market from any financial planners, you will first give it. You should not have time waste at the time of purchase of  share.

your stock market share has reached the target price, then quickly give it a bench. Do not wait for stock prices to grow. And if your stock market share price is decreasing then do not wait that after some time, its prices will increase again. Doing this reduces the loss.
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What is Karma

September 18, 2018

While doing deeds in daily life, we enjoy the fruits of those deeds as virtuous and sin. Virtue and sin determine the amount of happiness and sorrow that we experience.

Therefore it is important to understand how to avoid sin. Most people, however, aspire to a happy life; But those who desire spiritual progress, they are curious to know why virtue in the spiritual path of liberation is also unnecessary.


What is virtue and sin

Virtue is the result of good deeds, due to which we experience pleasure. Virtue is a special energy or developed ability, which comes from following religious lifestyle by devotion. For example, financially donating or encouraging friends is to invite virtue. Religion and religion are discussed in detail in many texts. Through virtue we do well for others. For example donating donations for the help of cancer victims will benefit many patients who have cancer, which will give us virtue.

What is sin, sin is the result of bad karma, which makes us feel sad. Sin arises when you do karma with someone else's wish to want bad. It arises from those actions that are contrary to or contrary to the laws of God or against God. For example, if a businessman cheats his customers, then he feels guilty. Sin does not work even if duty is not fulfilled, e.g. When a father does not pay attention to the needs of his children or when Vaidya does not care for his patients.

Virtue and sin are born in this birth, after death or in the coming births.

What is virtue and sin, virtue and sin are subtle according to the transaction; Because understanding the transaction is comparatively simple eg At the family level, but it is very difficult to understand why someone disrespected a stranger.

Due to virtue and sin

There can be many reasons for the sanctification. The major reasons are:


According to the scriptures, Dharmacharan

Abandoning others for spiritual practice. For example, if a daughter-in-law takes a leave from her work and handles the house, so that her mother-in-law can go to pilgrimage, her daughter-in-law will get half of the fruit of the pilgrimage earned by Sasad. However, as far as possible, do not practice sadhana depending on others.

There are some reasons for sin cache

Selfishness and lust in the form of anger, greed and jealousy entice a person to sin.

To be irreconcilable

Talking abusive to a beggar

Eat meat and alcohol

Selling Restricted Items, Non-Loans, Black Deeds, Gambling

Giving false testimony, making false allegations

to steal

Abuse, adultery, rape etc.


Animal husbandry


The wealth of God, temple, spiritual institution etc., unnecessary expenditure and misuse etc.

Advocates feel guilty because they make the truth false and untrue truth.

Husband has to suffer half of his wife's sin; Because he does not stop his wife from doing sins, she becomes a partner of sin.

A wife who does not keep the property earned by unrighteousness, even if she is exposed, does not feel that she is guilty.

One year with a sinner also becomes a part of his sin.

The effects of virtue and sin

 Effect of virtue in the form of happiness

What is virtue and sin, in proportion to the amount of virtue, the person gets so much pleasure on earth and in the end, he gets happiness in heaven with the virtue earned by the expectant karma in his life on earth:

Birth in a cultured and wealthy family

Rising income

Worldly pleasures

Wish Fulfillment

Healthy Life

Praise and respect by society, organization and government

Spiritual progress

Paradise after death

Man's birth, birth in good family, wealth, longevity, healthy body, good friend, good son, love life partner, Bhagavad-bhakti, intelligence, humility, control of desires and inclination towards giving donation to the eligible person, such aspects , Which is impossible without the virtues of ancestor. When this is all, the spiritual person who takes advantage of this and practices it, his spiritual progress is achieved.

When the mantra increases, the nation is the best in the philosophy and conduct and is rich

Limitations of virtue

In the perspective of spiritual progress, virtue has its own limit.

Have to suffer the fruits of virtue

What is virtue and sin, the life of a righteous man takes the soul after death, but once the virtue is over, then the person has to take birth again on earth. Due to this reason virtue is also a type of fastening. Only meditation leads us to salvation.

 Enjoying the pleasures eventually end virtue

What is virtue and sin, when enjoying pleasures every moment, our virtue ends, so a person has to work hard to increase virtue. For this, it is necessary to do good deeds or practice. The only difference is that by doing virtuous deeds, happiness takes place, whereas spiritual progress comes from sadhana ie it enjoys it, which is beyond virtue and happiness and misery, its exquisite happiness.

 In short - what is virtue and sin

With the difference in virtue and sin, understanding the depth of their depth and their influence, we can control our conduct and actions. However, it is necessary to do regular meditation to be free from both.

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September 15, 2018

There is such a power inside the human being that with the help of it, it can do anything in its life. Yes, whatever power he wants and whatever power a person can do, he is the name of that power, the third eye. With the help of this third eye, you can do whatever you want in your life, whatever you want, you can become. This third eye made Shiva a God of gods. Not only Shiva, this third eye is also found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism of China.

According to psychology, the third eye is the center of the forehead right above both eyes. Here is a gland and this gland is called the pineal gland. This third eye is called pineal gland in the language of science. The power of Kundalini has been mentioned in Vedas and Puranas. And this third eye is one of the seven chakras of Kundalini Shakti.

According to Scientific Research, humans use only 5 to 6% of their brain, meaning that we do not use 95% of the brain. In this article, I will tell you about such a way that you will be able to use 90% of your brain. Kundalini Shakti is attached to our bone and it is divided into seven chakras and the mandate cycle is one of the seven chakras And this mandatory cycle is called Third Eye, and in this mandatory cycle, the thoughts of a human being arise, and the sleeping patterns are also made during sleep. . You must have heard of hypnotism in which a person is made to subdue with the help of pendulum. If you have noticed, in the time of hypnotism, the pendulum is kept near the human pineal gland, so that all the power of that person gets accumulated on that gland and by which the person's mind gets fully controlled.

And when this third eye is awakened then we can do anything but now the question is how to awaken this third eye. It is not a big thing to awaken this third eye, do not have to read any mantras to make it awake and do not have to worship any pooja, just have to do a little work and it is done. Now you will also have a super power and you too have become a superman. And that's the work yoga is just a bit yoga and your power awakens.

In Yoga only the greatest power of the human being is hidden. With a small technique of yoga, you can awaken your Kundalini power anywhere. Our body is a machine and the mother-in-law is the keys to it. Often, while yoga, we shake our breath by shaking our lungs. But according to science, if the breath can be felt down to the lower part of the body i.e. the navel, then the Kundalini powers of the human being can be awakened.

While breathing, breath should always come. Make a little bit of ankloom, focus on meditation during yoga and realize that breath is going up to our navel. Do this yoga continuously, anywhere in the day, just do a little bit of it and after some time you will feel the change in yourself. Gradually you will feel that your order cycle is getting energized. Now your mind will get the same ideas as you want, the distant voice will also be heard clearly, if any person sees you then it will be your crazy person. You will get what you want, you will get rid of disease, you will get progress, you will get progress, if you want a job then it will also get you, you will see your future. Because now it will be whatever you want and that is the yoga which will be possible with all these help.

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how to earn money at home

September 14, 2018

You can also use the internet to earn money from online internet to study online for doing online advertising to grow your business to join someone. Now you can use internet online has many ways of earning and you will find all the websites available in the internet, from where you can make money by working at home but for this you need to know about internet It should be fully informed why you will get lots of fake websites that promise you money but if you do not give money after working, then in today's article we will give you real money. How to earn money will tell you how to earn money from online internet, complete information

Today, people do not feel like doing jobs today, they want to do business or earn money from the internet by sitting in the job. People think that earning money from the Internet can be easy, and sitting at home can easily print the dollar but it is so easy If you want to earn money by working online at home, then you have to work hard and at the same time you have to work smartly only then you can reduce your money. Apart from the Internet, you also need to know many things, so in this article, we will tell you a few ways that all people have to use to earn money from the internet so let us know how to earn money from the Internet.

How To Make Money From Online Internet At Home

Your knowledge is not necessary to earn money from the internet. If you have some nice and separate talents then you can earn a name from the internet. You can become popular and earn money too. Many people are doing the same thing today. Just do not have to get information here but you can do anything online like your talent like reading dance people, singing songs by singing the logo and earning your name. Land and celebrity can become as well money can earn, so let's take a different way to earn money from internet life.

1. Make money from the internet by creating a blog
If you are currently in school and want to earn money from the internet by working part-time at home, or want to make a career in blogging, then making money by making a blog is considered the best method but getting into blogging is not easy. For you, it is very important to have knowledge of a lot of things such as domain name web hosting, SEO, etc. Knowledge should be there only. You can make money every day by staying in the house by having an internet connection

Buying Domain Names
Web Hosting Purchase
Take knowledge about SEO
Write daily post article

If you do not know what to do to create a blog what you need to read this blog or what you want to create a blog or blog. Just as soon as you make your blog, after that you have to write daily post or article on any subject which you Knowledge as soon as your blog begins to get good traffic every day, that is, people start reading your blog, then you will be able to advertise on your blog. You can earn money by earning money and you can use Google Adsense for this, apart from this you can earn money from blogs by writing affiliate marketing or sponsor content, but you do not have the money in the blog It can take some time and you have to work hard.

2. Make Money Online by Putting Video In Youtube

YouTube does not know anyone in the Internet world, it's a platform where you can get any kind of information with the help of video and share the video. If you have any talent like singing dancing, anything is talent So you can do it by sharing on YouTube, and you can easily reach your talents up to the logo. You can also earn online paise on YouTube. Do the ties

So if you have a creative idea then you can make a video on that YouTube platform by making yourself a YouTube channel, easily earn money. Today, thousands of people are earning hundreds of millions of dollars from here so that you are also earning if you want to know that youtube How to earn money from the house, for this you have read this post and how to earn money by making a YouTube channel. Complete information, as soon as you create a channel YouTube Monetization is activated on the channel after which your videos will be displayed on behalf of Google Adsense, which you will get money and send this money directly to your bank.

3. Earn money online by affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is becoming very popular in today's time. People are making a lot of money from this if you sell somebody's product online, you get a good committment if you have a website or blog So you can earn a lot of money by selling their product online, but for that you need to have your blog website or youtube channel, which can be used by thousands of people every day. C had purchased the product you've Repossession promoted if you get Kmisn on

4. Make money from internet by becoming freelance content writer online

If you like writing or writing skills, then you can earn money from the Internet by writing an article online for any website without spending any money at home, such freelance content Writer (Freelance content writer) is working thousands of rupees per month, if you do not have any information about making a blog and maintaining it, you can earn money by becoming an online content writer. 
By the way, you will find hundreds of thousands of internet sites where you can become a freelance content writer, such as ContentMart and Truelancer. There is a website where you can work as a content writer, on any topic. Content can be written, it can also support the internet, you can research and the lengthy content you write, you will get the money accordingly, this is also a way to Making money from the Internet.

5. Earn money from online internet from Fiverr

To make money online from internet, Fiverr is a very popular and well known website where you have knowledge of anything, such as video editing, graphic, content marketing etc., fiverr is the best website for you where you have to do some tasks. Whatever is given, which is priced at 5 $ i.e. around 300 rupees and depending on the work, you can decide which fiverr your own money earned here. Give you money Ssa cut you can make money from the Internet went online fiver dot com

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A month of wealthy formula

September 13, 2018

As is often said that becoming rich is more of a strategy than luck. If you adopt the right strategy then you can get ahead of your current status and become more wealthy than before. According to a recently published report in Business Insider, you can become rich even within 31 days. For this, you have to make a chart of your activity throughout the month.

Every day you have to start a new task. The tasks you need to complete include things like getting rich from the resolution of your job analysis to your job analysis. 

Remember, being rich here does not mean that you will become the owner of crores rupees within a month. Being rich here means to go beyond its current financial status. We will be told to do some work through which you will be day-to-day improve. With this you will be more healthy and happy even before becoming rich. Let's know what is the formula to become rich in 31 days on a day-to-day basis. To accomplish this, you have to do all that work every day.

First day
Ask yourself what you really want from yourself. Here you have to differentiate between your desire and desire. Remember desires are many, while the desire is one.

Second day
You have to leave the laziness in the morning. In fact, your body releases allertous hormones in the wake of one hour, while the procedure does not slow down once in a while. Anyway, you can not get any sleep that can complete your sleep in a while.

day 3
Start calculating your net worth. Once the calculation of the whole sum is revealed, you will know what you can do with the help of this money. Second, you will not have to waste your time thinking again how much money I have

The fourth day
Talk to your boss what you want. By doing this, your boss will know your ambition. Either he will fulfill your ambition. If you are not able to do it he will definitely help you in getting it.

The fifth day
Rebuild your LinkedIn profile. Please fill out your summary here. Tell about your work. Share blogs or posts that are of your field and you can impress the employer.

Sixth day
Now let's calculate how much you need for retirement. According to Business Insider, you can divide by 4 in the amount of income you are seeking at retirement. Now try to add as many income as you like. Whether you have only a few months or years left

seventh day
Deal with your extravagant tasks. Answer the people's mails under it. Call friends and friends Make a list of what you need to do next. With this you will be ready to do special work in the coming days.

The eighth day
Start your day with the power hover. Power hover refers to the first hour of starting work. During this time you take a decision from your work priodity to day schedule. This will make your day tension free and in the right direction.

Ninth day
First, finish the work and make it perfect. Many career counselors believe that you do not get under pressure from this strategy and work is perfect. If you fall into the dizziness of making it perfect from the beginning, then your work will not be completed on time.

The 10th day
Meet someone on a coffee or lunch that you are a fan of. Obviously your Ideal will be connected to the same field, in which field you want to do something. In such a situation, the person's String Story can work for you. Upon receiving, new inspiration will be communicated.

11th day
If you work at home then you must change the scenery. Meaning from the middle of the work take some time to visit the park or coffee center. Actually this gap between work will help you to remain productive.

  12th day
Make a digital copy of your handwritten notes and leave the Hand Reten Page out of the house.

13th day
Talk to your partner for more than 10 minutes, except for jobs, children or domestic work.

14th day
Prepare a list of what to do next morning. Apart from keeping your clothes ready for the second morning, keep yourself ready for workouts too.

15th day
Start using Work Uniform to save time and energy. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs did the same.

16th day
If you want to learn a new language, practice it for 15 minutes before sleeping every night.

17th day
Talk to your life partner who you like or dislike. There will be no tension within the house.

 18th day
Put such filters on your mail id, so that you do not get mails with shopping promotions and you will be left out of the wildly expense.

19th day
Talk to your hitchhiker during the trip. This is a sign of your happiness.

20th day
Do the cleaning of the house in pieces. Meaning you work 20 minutes and relax 10 minutes. This will not work

21st day
Set a financial goal with your partner. This will encourage you to get more savings and wealth management.

22nd day
Start getting up to 2 minutes early in the day.

23rd day
Write down three things that you are happy and you are grateful for it before sleeping.

24st day
Setting goals according to your age. This will encourage you to save.

25th day
Prepare potential 20 business ideas within 10 minutes. You will get accurate information about your economy, passion, and performance.

26th day
Make a question by yourself. Just like where do you see yourself after 1 year or see yourself after 5 years. Your questions should be based on what you have learned.

27th day
Prepare plans related to your property. Who will you give your property How much will spend on your health, etc. This will always keep your life in control.

 28th day
Start work to find a supplement of your income. This will bring financial security and you will have the ability to take risk to fulfill your dream

29th day
Tell your teammates what they think about you. You must wait for their answer.

The 30th day
Before going to work show intimacy with the people of your family. Hug them

31st day
You can start interviewing for a new job. The process behind you will increase your confidence. You will have a career roadmap and the savings will be higher than before and there will be more conviction with financial stability. This will allow you to bargain for Better Position and Salary during the interview.

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Mind Reading Thought supar Conscious mind Power

September 09, 2018

Everyone's eagerness to know about the mind's heart is in everyone. Many people, including psychologists, know a lot about the feelings of others by reading the facial expressions, that they are expert in knowing the mood, but it is astonishing to know what is going on in your mind. This surprise can be obtained by yoga.

 You think and let us know what you thought would not surprise you

In the Vaibhidipad of yoga, descriptions of various types of accomplishments are found in addition to Ashtasiddhi. One of them is Mana Shakti Yoga. By practicing this yoga, one can literally know the meaning of others' mind, and this is a very simple practice, but it is difficult for those who use their minds in a haphazard manner.

Mind Reading

How would it be possible: When there is restraint in the state of knowledge, there is knowledge about the mind of the other. If the mind is calm then the power to know the other's mind will be gained. The mind is calm, by knowing and understanding the direction and condition of the mind. Dasha and direction are known by meditating through living consciousness.

There is a straightforward thread that unless you speak, you listen to the front. If you stop speaking then you can hear and understand what the front speaker is saying. If both of them continue to speak, both will not understand anything.

In the same way if your mind is silent then you will start listening to the other person's mind. Being silent means that you are completely peaceful by going out of ideas and fantasies. This is called the calmness of the mind. It is said that on the strength of this mantra Shakti Yoga, Yogi can also hear the voice of Ghinghar, tied in the feet of the worries, then there is no noise in the world.

Well if you can not even become capable of knowing the mind of others by practice, then the mind will become calm and calm and calm all the diseases and grief disappear. This is beneficial for health.
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