How to raise your brain capacity

Brain is the most essential and most complex part of our body that edits all the voluntary and involuntary actions of our body. It not only observes all of our orders while awake, such as speaking, shaking hands and taking control of the body from one another to another and doing all the necessary tasks. It is a very complex organ which scientists have been engaged to understand and continuous research work is going on in this direction. One of the many functions of the brain is to memorize things and generally it does this work very well, but even then nowadays it can be a part of your life and eating well, you feel that your ability to remember Is getting

brain power improve 

Regarding our body, we always know a simple truth that it becomes old with time as there is a limit to the renewal of all parts of our body and it is called the process of aging. This is what happens with our brain. Over time, the brain is victimized by Aging Process and its ability to work decreases, but the way we adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise and regular things like regular walk, It can reduce the rate of growth, i.e., 

being able to do things physically for even more age, knowing that if the brain is too old to save from being victim of age or Dti decrease in age to brain power improve if some simple things you adopt in life can
If you want to improve your brain power, first you have to make some changes in your lifestyle which includes, do not smoke, keep your weight regular, add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, and do your daily life activities Including exercise and morning walk, and most importantly, to reduce the intake of alcohol or to a very limited amount. According to a research conducted on more than 2000 people, in the year 2013, there is a research in which all these habits have been included in their lives, the young people who had these habits, compared to the other people, the brain disorders of dementia or any brain The probability of the disorder was found to be 60 percent less.

The most important thing to do after this is to improve your brain power. To maintain your diet and mind, you need to take a brain healthy diet, which will reduce the cholesterol levels, as well as a low fat diet It is also necessary. If you talk specifically about the brain food point of view, you can add almonds in your diet which not only helps to reduce cholesterol, but also with the necessary nutritional almonds responsible for keeping your brain young. Occurs in For this you can read one of our post badam benefits for brain.

Along with this, there is one more important thing that the people nowadays are doing carelessly, it is a lazy routine, because knowing that those people who sit in front of the TV for hours or do any kind of work The brain power of those people gradually becomes weak because the brain has to keep on learning new things to keep it tight and as soon as you reduce it, use it It comes as the Dimensia like illness in the time since the resulting age is a victim of the aging process | Therefore it is necessary to take time to do any of your hobbies along with your work and learn something new. From this you will have two advantages, at first you will learn something new and the other will give your brain with you in your growing age.

Besides, there is some brain exercise to improve some brain power that you can do at home too. However there are many games and applications on the internet that can help you in this. But the experts believe that any application or any software on the internet is better than that you give your brain the real life challenge. For example, it may be "Written by the left hand" or "brush with the other hand." Apart from this, you can also "practice walking upside down" or "trying to balance the place at a difficult place" etc. It helps you to speed up your brain

Below are some brain exercises that you can do to help yourself keep your mind strong

Test your memory - this is the most traditional way you can adopt. For this, you just have to make a list of anything and then after a while you have to remember that list and remember how many things you can make, and with time you can make it more difficult for yourself.

Learn music - Everyone loves music, in such a way that you can learn music or if you are not interested in music then you can also learn a musical instrument like guitar, flute or any traditional device.

Learn a new language - this is also the best way to improve the brain power you can do. It takes a lot of hard work to learn any new language and it also enhances your brain's logical capacity and enhances your brain by increasing the brain's working efficiency.

Cooking can learn - Cooking classes have their own importance. If you do not know how to cook, then you can learn to cook in such a way that your whole senses work in cooking, like sniffing, touching, watching and tasting which is like a new experience for your brain.

Make the way to come in the brain - This exercise is very beneficial in increasing your brain power, when you reach a new place, reaching the place of birth or coming back, remember the experience of that whole path in your mind again. And try to refresh it. Try to remember any of your new experiences or travels like this.

Keep in mind while eating food - be aware of eating food while eating and try to find out what spices may be in the food while trying to feel the taste.

Learn a new physical activity - Learning any new thing is not only for your brain but it is possible to do the same, which is the one that benefits your brain the most. So if you are more interested in sports then you can learn some new game or physical activity too.

Keeping in mind these things, you can save your brain from getting older and with it, increase your ability to reduce your brain and keep memory and keep it for a long time.

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