Mind Control trick

Is said to be called Mind in which the thoughts we consider as good Bhati's thoughts are from the experiences of ourselves or some other person, it is called discrimination or wisdom. And the thoughts that we think to please our senses are the mind. In the words we always know, we will not be good at these ideas, but in order to think we are either enjoying or we are afraid or in this way Any negative feedback that is coming is called mind.

Why is it necessary to control mind

If a student does not control the mind and whatever comes in his mind, then he should do as he has seen the TV watching TV. When you play to play, then what will be the future of that child .How much does the child have to make? In the same way every person who has no purpose in life will not have control over his mind, then what will happen to him or if there is no AIM, if you want to have happy health in your mind, it is very important to have control over your mind.
How to control the mind

Now comes the question how to control the mind. Arjun said to Lord Krishna - "Lord, controlling this mind is even more difficult than controlling air"
God said yes, it is very difficult to subdue this mind but this mind can be subdued with practice and quietness.
First of all, understand that the mind is like a child, you can not forcefully do anything with it. It has to be understood and it will be difficult to understand the mind as much as you would according to one thing. Keep reminding you this story from time to time on your mind.

A fat rat had entered a wardrobe and had consumed lots of food. He ate it with a lot of fatness. In a few days, he became very thick. Now the rat remembers the house in the cupboard and he thought it would have to come out from here but from where the rat got He tried to get out of that place but due to being fat, it turned out that he had left for some days when he did not eat anything and in a few days he became thin and came out. If the rat is leaving the food then did it ever come out?

In the same way, we will have to abandon our worthless habits to control our minds, such as de dreaming, gossiping others, joking about time etc.

1. The empty mind is said to be the home of the devil. Keep yourself busy in some good work
2. Make time table and work accordingly. Who will have the least amount of time to fool the mind
3. Do not think about what is not right for us. Thinking is our action and action becomes our character.
4. Do not stay in the wrong with people. Just as we live with people, our mind becomes
5. Some time-positive videos in the day, be sure to read books.

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