There is such a power inside the human being that with the help of it, it can do anything in its life. Yes, whatever power he wants and whatever power a person can do, he is the name of that power, the third eye. With the help of this third eye, you can do whatever you want in your life, whatever you want, you can become. This third eye made Shiva a God of gods. Not only Shiva, this third eye is also found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism of China.

According to psychology, the third eye is the center of the forehead right above both eyes. Here is a gland and this gland is called the pineal gland. This third eye is called pineal gland in the language of science. The power of Kundalini has been mentioned in Vedas and Puranas. And this third eye is one of the seven chakras of Kundalini Shakti.

According to Scientific Research, humans use only 5 to 6% of their brain, meaning that we do not use 95% of the brain. In this article, I will tell you about such a way that you will be able to use 90% of your brain. Kundalini Shakti is attached to our bone and it is divided into seven chakras and the mandate cycle is one of the seven chakras And this mandatory cycle is called Third Eye, and in this mandatory cycle, the thoughts of a human being arise, and the sleeping patterns are also made during sleep. . You must have heard of hypnotism in which a person is made to subdue with the help of pendulum. If you have noticed, in the time of hypnotism, the pendulum is kept near the human pineal gland, so that all the power of that person gets accumulated on that gland and by which the person's mind gets fully controlled.

And when this third eye is awakened then we can do anything but now the question is how to awaken this third eye. It is not a big thing to awaken this third eye, do not have to read any mantras to make it awake and do not have to worship any pooja, just have to do a little work and it is done. Now you will also have a super power and you too have become a superman. And that's the work yoga is just a bit yoga and your power awakens.

In Yoga only the greatest power of the human being is hidden. With a small technique of yoga, you can awaken your Kundalini power anywhere. Our body is a machine and the mother-in-law is the keys to it. Often, while yoga, we shake our breath by shaking our lungs. But according to science, if the breath can be felt down to the lower part of the body i.e. the navel, then the Kundalini powers of the human being can be awakened.

While breathing, breath should always come. Make a little bit of ankloom, focus on meditation during yoga and realize that breath is going up to our navel. Do this yoga continuously, anywhere in the day, just do a little bit of it and after some time you will feel the change in yourself. Gradually you will feel that your order cycle is getting energized. Now your mind will get the same ideas as you want, the distant voice will also be heard clearly, if any person sees you then it will be your crazy person. You will get what you want, you will get rid of disease, you will get progress, you will get progress, if you want a job then it will also get you, you will see your future. Because now it will be whatever you want and that is the yoga which will be possible with all these help.

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