Stock Market Investment Tips & Trick 2018

Share market Investment
Creating money by buying equity from Stock Market is not so easy as any new investor thinks. In it you have to keep a close watch on the market's stand every time, along with research and better planning.

All these tips will help you to overcome some of your difficulties and shortcomings to invest in the share market.

Keep things in mind while buying and selling shares

1. First Learn -

Should never jump in the share market without knowing anything at all. First understand the stock market then come in.

read business related news, understand business plans of companies, give yourself time to learn,learn to read balance sheet, know P / E, EPS, ROE and then invest in a Share Bazaar.

2. Long Term Investment Best

You should invest in the stock market for a long time. It is certain to be profitable. More money can be earned in intra-day trading, but there is risk in it. It can also cause you loss. Therefore, do not only long term investment.

3. Purchase the same which you know and understand

You can buy shares of any company in the stock exchange, but you should initially buy shares of the company that you know, i.e. whose products are used in daily life.

For example, the company making Maggi, Oil, Biscuit etc. will get more understanding while it takes some time to understand a company with Hardware Manufacturing, Software, Web Developing. Invest in a company whose business you understand is well understood.

4. Set fixed price

Always set a fixed price for your stock to sell shares. As you bought a stock for 1000 thousand rupees and set a target to sell it, when the price will be 1300, then we will sell it. If you buy the stock price as soon as you reach the target price, you can sell it.

5. Do not Buy Many Stocks Together

Do not buy a lot of shares of only one kind . You should buy shares of many different sector companies by doing a little bit. You can increase your share limit on a weekly or monthly basis.

6. Choose the good company

You should buy Equity of a company that is financially strong and also see how its management is. Because the company which gets financially crippled or who is worried about its management, increases the chances of the value of its stock's share.

Companies involved in the Nifty and Sensex are Best companies in their sector, you can buy their shares freely.

7. Create a Risk Profile for Portfolio

Investing in a stock exchange is a risk, so you must definitely make your own risk profile. Make sure in this way you can take a lot of risks.

Most brokers give you the option of stop loss order. It benefits from this, that as soon as the stock price starts falling, your share is automatically sold on a fixed price by your broker. With this you avoid the losses.

8. Research and Planning

Before purchasing shares of any company or before investing in share market, do research and deep planning. Keep eye on the market, look at the previous records of the company whose shares you want to buy, look at its management, look into any future political and social changes. looking the recession or the speed of the market.

9. Invest in Different Sectors

Do not put all your money in the one business. Little by little, you should put your money in a variety of companies.

If you invest your earning money in a single company, you may sometimes get more loss or more profit. It depends on the company's profit and loss.

10. Put extra money into investment

While investing, keep in mind that in addition to your savings, you should invest in the stock market.

11. P / E Ratio (Price / Earning Ratio) - What is the P / E ratio

P / E ratio i.e. how much your earnings will be. The most attention needs to be paid on this. To know the P / E ratio you must first remove EPS (Earning per Share). This removes the net profit by dividing it by the number of shares.

Suppose a company whose name is AB is 1000 shares and its net profits are 1 lakh, so in this way earning on one stock would mean that EPS is 100 rupees.

To remove P / E, divide the Market Price by EPS. For example, if the market price of a company AB is 500 rupees and EPS is 100 rupees then its P / E5 will be Rs.

12. Do not let your Emotion dominate

After fear of loss in the stock market and the increase in the stock price, it can risk you to risk lagging after the target price. So, take your time off from work, keep away from greed and fear.

13. Do not let time get out of hand

This is a kind of advice that if you ask for advice related to the stock market from any financial planners, you will first give it. You should not have time waste at the time of purchase of  share.

your stock market share has reached the target price, then quickly give it a bench. Do not wait for stock prices to grow. And if your stock market share price is decreasing then do not wait that after some time, its prices will increase again. Doing this reduces the loss.
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