What is Karma

While doing deeds in daily life, we enjoy the fruits of those deeds as virtuous and sin. Virtue and sin determine the amount of happiness and sorrow that we experience.

Therefore it is important to understand how to avoid sin. Most people, however, aspire to a happy life; But those who desire spiritual progress, they are curious to know why virtue in the spiritual path of liberation is also unnecessary.


What is virtue and sin

Virtue is the result of good deeds, due to which we experience pleasure. Virtue is a special energy or developed ability, which comes from following religious lifestyle by devotion. For example, financially donating or encouraging friends is to invite virtue. Religion and religion are discussed in detail in many texts. Through virtue we do well for others. For example donating donations for the help of cancer victims will benefit many patients who have cancer, which will give us virtue.

What is sin, sin is the result of bad karma, which makes us feel sad. Sin arises when you do karma with someone else's wish to want bad. It arises from those actions that are contrary to or contrary to the laws of God or against God. For example, if a businessman cheats his customers, then he feels guilty. Sin does not work even if duty is not fulfilled, e.g. When a father does not pay attention to the needs of his children or when Vaidya does not care for his patients.

Virtue and sin are born in this birth, after death or in the coming births.

What is virtue and sin, virtue and sin are subtle according to the transaction; Because understanding the transaction is comparatively simple eg At the family level, but it is very difficult to understand why someone disrespected a stranger.

Due to virtue and sin

There can be many reasons for the sanctification. The major reasons are:


According to the scriptures, Dharmacharan

Abandoning others for spiritual practice. For example, if a daughter-in-law takes a leave from her work and handles the house, so that her mother-in-law can go to pilgrimage, her daughter-in-law will get half of the fruit of the pilgrimage earned by Sasad. However, as far as possible, do not practice sadhana depending on others.

There are some reasons for sin cache

Selfishness and lust in the form of anger, greed and jealousy entice a person to sin.

To be irreconcilable

Talking abusive to a beggar

Eat meat and alcohol

Selling Restricted Items, Non-Loans, Black Deeds, Gambling

Giving false testimony, making false allegations

to steal

Abuse, adultery, rape etc.


Animal husbandry


The wealth of God, temple, spiritual institution etc., unnecessary expenditure and misuse etc.

Advocates feel guilty because they make the truth false and untrue truth.

Husband has to suffer half of his wife's sin; Because he does not stop his wife from doing sins, she becomes a partner of sin.

A wife who does not keep the property earned by unrighteousness, even if she is exposed, does not feel that she is guilty.

One year with a sinner also becomes a part of his sin.

The effects of virtue and sin

 Effect of virtue in the form of happiness

What is virtue and sin, in proportion to the amount of virtue, the person gets so much pleasure on earth and in the end, he gets happiness in heaven with the virtue earned by the expectant karma in his life on earth:

Birth in a cultured and wealthy family

Rising income

Worldly pleasures

Wish Fulfillment

Healthy Life

Praise and respect by society, organization and government

Spiritual progress

Paradise after death

Man's birth, birth in good family, wealth, longevity, healthy body, good friend, good son, love life partner, Bhagavad-bhakti, intelligence, humility, control of desires and inclination towards giving donation to the eligible person, such aspects , Which is impossible without the virtues of ancestor. When this is all, the spiritual person who takes advantage of this and practices it, his spiritual progress is achieved.

When the mantra increases, the nation is the best in the philosophy and conduct and is rich

Limitations of virtue

In the perspective of spiritual progress, virtue has its own limit.

Have to suffer the fruits of virtue

What is virtue and sin, the life of a righteous man takes the soul after death, but once the virtue is over, then the person has to take birth again on earth. Due to this reason virtue is also a type of fastening. Only meditation leads us to salvation.

 Enjoying the pleasures eventually end virtue

What is virtue and sin, when enjoying pleasures every moment, our virtue ends, so a person has to work hard to increase virtue. For this, it is necessary to do good deeds or practice. The only difference is that by doing virtuous deeds, happiness takes place, whereas spiritual progress comes from sadhana ie it enjoys it, which is beyond virtue and happiness and misery, its exquisite happiness.

 In short - what is virtue and sin

With the difference in virtue and sin, understanding the depth of their depth and their influence, we can control our conduct and actions. However, it is necessary to do regular meditation to be free from both.

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