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You and me are called souls only. You and our own names are kept. When we leave the body then some people consider you or me a ghost, and some people say that the soul has gone to heaven. This sense of 'I am' makes us self-sufficient as it is written in the Vedas, Gita and Puranas
Neither this body is yours nor you are from this body. This body is made up of five elements- fire, water, air, earth and sky. One day this body will dissolve in these five elements.According to Veda-Puran and Gita, the soul is Akar-Amar. By adopting a body, the soul consume a new life between birth and death and again leaves the body after the body is depleted.This life cycle of the soul continues till it is free or it does not get salvation.

Every person, animal, bird, creature, creature etc. are all souls Understanding myself This is the first step put on the path of enlightenment.

When this is the habit of living in the lust and the harmonious body, then it is called as a spirit. When this soul enters the subtle body, it is called subtle.

84 lakhs of cows: After the death of souls in the animal vagina, birds vagina, human vagina, the invisible ghosts go into the vagina.

The organism obtained by every birth of the soul is called the vagina. There are 84 lakhs of cows, which include insect moths, animals-birds, trees and humans etc.
According to the belief of Hindu religion, after the wandering of the soul in 8.4 million genes, human beings are born. 84 lakhs of cohorts have been treated as followsPlants- 30 lakhs, insects-27 lakhs, birds- 14 lakhs, water animals- 9 lakhs, deities, humans, animals- 4 lakhs, total donors- 84 lakhs.

How the soul leaves the body
The body is usually destroyed when it is chronic in old age, but if there is any sudden cause in the middle, then it is necessary to abstain from body only in short life.When man is to die, all his outer powers gather and become interwoven and then the soul goes out of the gross body
Head, nose, eyes, ears are the main paths of prana emissions. The lives of the wicked people have been seen going out of the way of stools. The soul in Yogi and Satkarm renounces life from Brahma-Randhra.

What does the soul do after leaving the body ...
When the departed soul is separated from the physical body, it enters the subtle body. This subtle body is made of fine-grained body texture, which is not visible.The deceased himself is just a sensation of having this body but some souls can see this body only.
During this time, the deceased feels very surprised how my body has become so lighter and I can fly like birds in the air. After leaving the gross body, the soul stays around its dead body.He wants to say something about the people gathered around his body but nobody listens to him.
The dead soul does not consider himself dead and behaves strangely. He shakes his limbs, runs his hands and feet, but he does not feel that he has died.He feels that this dream is going on but his illusion disappears, then he tries to re-enter the dead body but he can not succeed in it.
As long as the funeral procession of the dead body is done, the organism keeps roaming around its body again and again. At the same time, after burning, he gets frustrated and starts putting his heart on the other side,But when he gives up, he can not tempt the body, and for many days he walks around him.

In the bondage of more Maya-attach, the more tightly tied ones often go round in the cremation grounds for many days. The body's tenderness pulls over and over again and due to its inability to handle it, it keeps flowing around it.There are many people who love more than loved ones than body. They try to stay close to beloved people in place of darlings.

In this case, their perception works that they are killed by assumptions and beliefs.

Where does the soul go after leaving or leaving body?
According to the Puranas, whenever a person dies or the soul starts the journey by sacrificing the body, during this period, he gets three types of pathways. On which path that soul will be run, it depends only on its actions. These are three routes - Archi Marg, Dhum Marg and Utpati-Destruction Marg.

Archie route is for the journey of Brahmolk and Devalak, while the road leads to the visit of Patrilok and the Origin-Destruction route is for the journey of Hell. However, the souls from all walks have to live again in different life after living in different people. Most souls have to be born here and die here and they have to be born again.
Yajurveda has said that after leaving the body, those who have meditated, they go to Brahmalok, that is, they become Brahmaline. Some devotees who go to heaven go to heaven. Paradise means they become God. Some of the demonic doers wandering in the vagina for eternity and some are born again on earth. Even those who are born do not necessarily have to be born in the vagina. Earlier, all of them live in patrilok and their justice is there.

Normal people have sacrificed their bodies, in this case their perception works that they are killed by assumptions and beliefs, then they move accordingly. Like a childhood, the impression is strong that after coming to die, if you want to get a young man, he really sees the Messenger, but those who have been given the assurance that after death one goes into deep sleep, then such people really sleep Go into

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