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The word yoga has two meanings and both are important. The first is - Junk and second is the Samadhi. Unless we join ourselves, it will be difficult to reach Samadhi. Yoga is more than mathematics, not religion or philosophy. Two of the two will come only four. Believe it or not, just watch it. It is not a matter of faith, it will burn hands by putting hand in the fire.

Yoga is Science: Yoga is beyond religion, belief and superstitions. Yoga is a straightforward science. Experimental science is experimental science. Yoga is the art of living life Yoga is a complete medical practice. There is a complete route- Rajpath. In fact, religion binds people to the ropes and yoga tells the path of salvation from all sorts of ropes.

As Einstein's name is paramount in the world of external science, the same way, Einstein of the inner science world is Patanjali. Just like the Himalaya in the mountains, the yoga is excellent in all the visions, methods, policies, rules, religions and systems.

Ashtanga Yoga: Patanjali has created eight stairs to reach God, to truth, to self, to liberation or to reach full health. You just climb a ladder and do not have to put emphasis on the other, there is only emphasis on the first. Take the initiative Know that Yoga is a scientific process of progressing towards that ultimate power. If you are walking then you will reach.

Yoga is a great theme. You must have heard- Gyan Yog, Bhaktiyog, Dharm Yoga and Karma yoga In all these yoga words are associated. Then Hatha Yoga will be heard, but except for all these Rajagya, that is the sum of Patanjali.

This is the highest prevalence and importance of yoga. This yoga is known by the name of Ashtanga Yoga. Eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga Yoga In fact, Patanjali has categorized all the yoga lessons in eight limbs. There is nothing out of nowhere.

You have to know God, to know the truth, to attain Siddhi or to remain healthy only, Patanjali says that it must be done only from the bottom of the body. Change the body will change mind Mood will change if mind changes

The preparation of the first five limbs is to be known in Yoga, that means practicing swim before crossing the Bhavsagar by sewing in the sea is practiced in these five limbs. Without doing these, they can not cross the Bhavsagar and if they do not move them, then they will remain here. Many people become proficient in these five and destroy their lives only by telling the miracles of yoga.

These are eight limbs- (1) Yama (2) Rule (3) Asana (4) Pranayama (5) Pratyahar (6) Dharana (7) Meditation (8) Samadhi The eight limbs also have their own sub-organ. At present, only three types of yoga are in vogue - asana, pranayama and meditation

Change yourself: You have to know God, to know the truth, to attain Siddhi or to be healthy only, Patanjali says that the beginning must be done from the bottom of the body. Change the body will change mind If the mind changes, the intellect will change. If the intellect changes, then the soul will become healthy automatically. The soul is healthy only A healthy self-realization can only be available to Samadhi.

Those who have duality in their brain, they always live in anxiety, fear and suspicion. They see life as a struggle, not happiness Yoga prevents all types of attraction - Yoga Modification. Anatna, formed by the activities of Chitta, ie Voodoo, ego and mind. If you want it, you can call it unconscious, but it is considered as subtle.

All the religions of the world want to take possession of this mind, so they have kept people from their religion by creating fears of various kinds of laws, verbs, planets and constellations and God. Patanjali says that finish this mind only.

Yoga does not teach to believe and neither doubted. And yoga is very much against suspicion between state of doubt and doubt. Yoga says that you have the ability to know, use it.

Your eyes are more than anything else that can not be seen in general. You have ears, which can be heard from them, which is called Anahata. Anahata means that sound which is not born of any association, which is called Gyanjanan Om, that is Amen, that is Omin and Omkar.

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