What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing in 2019

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India's future digital marketing

In today's times, the name of digital marketing is on everyone's tongue. But some of us are those who have digital marketing? There is no information about it.
So today we will teach all of you in this article what is digital marketing and how to make your future in this field.

What is digital marketing

Why digital marketing is a big deal

Career options in digital marketing

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing

How to Learn Digital Marketing

These were some questions that would keep coming to you all frequently. So let's talk about these one on one of these topics.

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is the art of obtaining customers through online and digital mediums.
There are so many models in digital marketing - such as social media, search engines, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and so on. There are many other ways in which we can learn about digital marketing.
Digital marketing is much more than traditional marketing like newspaper, TV, radio and magazine ads. This is why digital marketing specialists are also at a higher level.

Why Digital Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

People used to consume TVs, newspapers, magazines, and radio.
But nowadays, people consume content through Facebook, they can search news through Facebook and they can also search for news by staying in touch with family and friends.
With YouTube's help, they can also see the news and get information about the blogs of the people. Digital Marketing This is the change point in consumer behavior.
Companies read the digital marketer's help requirement to manage advertising management, and they will pay 10% of the expense or commission on advertising expenses

India is counted as the second number to use the Internet.

We know digital marketing is a growing trend, but how can we use this track, and what are the benefits of this? Let's know: -
Digital marketing can help you with personal branding, and it also helps you to get a job, and it can also happen with entrepreneurship.
We can help other companies as supporters or employees, when we have the expertise of digital marketing.
We use the knowledge to market our business extremely important.

Digital Marketing Jobs and Opportunities in India

There are many jobs for digital marketing in India. Because digital marketing is a new area and many companies also have the need for digital marketers.
Thousands of companies are searching for experts in marketing.
There are not enough digital marketing specialists in the market.

Digital marketing job is today one of the most funded jobs in the industry.
If you go to the linkedin and search for digital marketing then you will get at least 500 to 1000 jobs in this special position.
What is the salary of digital marketing jobs?
Salaries for freshers start from Rs.4.5 lakh to 5 lakh / year.

Individuals who have five to ten years of experience have their initial income ranging from 12 to 20 lakhs / year.
Those who have experience above ten, their annual income is 20 to 50 lakh / year limit. And in rare cases, its salaries go from 80 lakh to 10 million years.

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