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Everyone's eagerness to know about the mind's heart is in everyone. Many people, including psychologists, know a lot about the feelings of others by reading the facial expressions, that they are expert in knowing the mood, but it is astonishing to know what is going on in your mind. This surprise can be obtained by yoga.

 You think and let us know what you thought would not surprise you

In the Vaibhidipad of yoga, descriptions of various types of accomplishments are found in addition to Ashtasiddhi. One of them is Mana Shakti Yoga. By practicing this yoga, one can literally know the meaning of others' mind, and this is a very simple practice, but it is difficult for those who use their minds in a haphazard manner.

Mind Reading

How would it be possible: When there is restraint in the state of knowledge, there is knowledge about the mind of the other. If the mind is calm then the power to know the other's mind will be gained. The mind is calm, by knowing and understanding the direction and condition of the mind. Dasha and direction are known by meditating through living consciousness.

There is a straightforward thread that unless you speak, you listen to the front. If you stop speaking then you can hear and understand what the front speaker is saying. If both of them continue to speak, both will not understand anything.

In the same way if your mind is silent then you will start listening to the other person's mind. Being silent means that you are completely peaceful by going out of ideas and fantasies. This is called the calmness of the mind. It is said that on the strength of this mantra Shakti Yoga, Yogi can also hear the voice of Ghinghar, tied in the feet of the worries, then there is no noise in the world.

Well if you can not even become capable of knowing the mind of others by practice, then the mind will become calm and calm and calm all the diseases and grief disappear. This is beneficial for health.
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